A Wine Box Ceremony

A Wine Box Ceremony is a creative addition to any wedding ceremony. Before their wedding day the bride and groom each write a private love letter to the other saying all the things they adore about the other person and how excited they are to be spending their life together and seal these in separate envelopes. Towards the end of the wedding ceremony the bride and groom fill a wooden box with a good quality bottle of wine, both letters and then nail it shut. The box is then put away until an anniversary or in some cases a major disagreement. When the couple finally opens the box they each read the letter written for them for the first time and share the bottle of wine. Its a romantic way to reconnect and reminisce over all the reasons you fell in love and chose to spend your lives together.

As a tip from our couple Kayla + Kevin's special day, make sure to choose nails that are going to be easy to hammer in front of your friends and family. (Hint: not 3 inch long finishing nails!)