The Muskoka Wedding: Redefined

Where have all the birch trees gone? To a wedding!

In 2014, I coordinated 30 weddings, of which 80% used birch in their décor. Granted the average person attends far fewer weddings a season than I do, but at what point is it time to let the birch forests flourish and move on to a new Muskoka wedding décor trend?

Don’t get me wrong, birch is one of nature’s most bridal barks and provides hundreds of décor possibilities ranging from structural pieces such as suspended floral chandeliers and alter arbors, to candle and sweet table risers. I’ve used it in past designs for some of my Muskoka brides and it is a subtle way of touching on the region while still looking naturally elegant.

However, let’s take advantage of the new year as an opportunity to get creative and think outside the birch-bark-money-box and redefine what it means to host a Muskoka wedding. Incorporating dark woods with creamy neutrals is a foundation on which many wedding looks can be built up through florals and linens. Dark wood is effortlessly elegant, incorporates the Muskoka woodsy vibe and is a lovely way to add a masculine touch for your groom. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a wedding “Muskoka” and what you'd like to see as future Muskoka wedding trends! 

Cheers xx