Swoon's Inaugural Blog Post

I am a new blogger. There, now you're all aware right from the get-go. Swoon is my first blog which I hope will encapsulate my wedding and design musings. It will inevitably have a smattering of food + drink, home decor, travel and a healthy dose of my personality, including a few rants + raves. I am not a writer naturally. I much prefer unleashing my creativity on physical forms of design: wedding design, arts + crafts, fashion, home decor... However I plan to post something new at least once a week and I welcome you to comment, like, share etc. if anything strikes your fancy. 

For those of you who would like to know me beyond the About section on my website, here is a quick snapshot...

Thank you Kate Spade! I actually DO eat cake for breakfast and have been known to order pie Γ  la mode and onion rings, simultaneously, before noon. I also love cooking and cocktails. My sister Zazu and I grew up on sushi and curries, which is saying a lot coming from small town Muskoka. 


I'm a Boss Lady. I love entrepreneurship and brainstorming with friends about their businesses. I started my own wedding planning + design business in 2010 and have expansions planned for the next 10 years!


Sarah (my wonderful event assistant) and I adore Pugs. Above is my late pug Monty and I boating on Mary Lake where I grew up. I promise not to inundate you with pug photos - although I am currently trying to convince my boyfriend Ben to get a pug puppy which may result in some pug love... when the time comes.


I have an innate sense of wanderlust. I blame my parents for taking us on epic adventures through Southeast Asia as children for their annual buying trips. Bali is a second home in our hearts for my sister and I and I'm ecstatic to be sharing this incredible island with Ben on my own buying trip this winter. I would also love to sail the Mediterranean one day. Lets just say my bucket list is overflowing.


With that, I hope I've provided at least a glimmer of what to expect and who I am.

Cheers to the first blog post on Swoon with many more to come! xx