The DIY Myth

Many brides preparing for their wedding today go for the DIY wedding trend. With websites like Pinterest showcasing thousands of Do It Yourself wedding dรฉcor projects many brides think this is the answer to their desire for a unique, personal wedding on a budget.

As someone who grew up on Martha Stewart Magazines and craft projects, who has since graduated to a professional wedding designer, let me tell you this is not necessarily the answer.

What is DIY? It means Do It Yourself, which translates to you sitting in a ball on your living room floor for hours on end punching out circles of beautiful (read: expensive) paper to be sewn together to make a delicate garland which will inevitably get tangled and rip.

Bride+Groom Chair Garlands


And as any lady with a passion for fashion knows, handmade means expensive. If you choose to literally do-it-yourself, it is expensive if you value your time and sanity, not to mention the retail pricing on craft supplies at your local Michaels.

If you choose to purchase the DIY look from the talented vendors on Etsy and the like, it comes at a premium. Those paper garlands average $28 plus tax and shipping for 10ft of paper circles on string. Something so pretty and delicate takes quantity to be impactful in a room full of wedding guests.

Etsy Garland

There is actually a website dedicated to the failed efforts of Pinterest inspired crafters + Pinterest even has a bunch of hilarious posts on the subject:

Now I hate to discourage you from your DIY wedding dreams! If you have time, patience and skill I have no doubt you will create a stunning and personal wedding for your guests to remember. Make a budget and Don't-Injure-Yourself!

Cheers xx

Ps. If you have any photos of your DIY successes or fails please share with us!