Hiring a Toronto vs. Muskoka Wedding Planner

When selecting a wedding planner for your Muskoka wedding consider hiring a local company [read: not a Toronto based company that says they produce weddings in Muskoka]. This results in your wedding planner having an intimate knowledge of the Muskoka area including the best venues, hidden photo location gems and reliable local vendors.

So what if a snafu arises on your wedding day? At LME we've built personal relationships with the wedding suppliers in Muskoka coupled with an in-depth knowledge of their products and abilities. We can work with these contacts to problem solve locally vs. breaking the bank having replacement decor rentals rush delivered from Toronto.

I believe many professionals in Muskoka struggle with the urban perception that we are less qualified than our Toronto competitors. In fact, many of us were trained in large cities, built careers and have gone on to start our own businesses. We've then made the choice to move our lives and companies to smaller communities where we can have a preferred quality of life. Most of us understand the contemporary aesthetic and professional approach, we’re just lucky enough to be able to host a client meeting lakeside!

Cheers xx