A Custom Conundrum

As a wedding designer I constantly strive to come up with new ideas, be ahead of the trends and deliver flawless execution. With each new design opportunity I get a rush of excitement at the endless possibilities ahead of me. When an original idea sparks I develop it and build the wedding design around it.

But like myself, many of my clients are visual people and they wish to see an exact photo of their custom décor designed especially for them. With most of my lovely couples inspiration images and detailed conversations help them see a mental image of the finished product. Overall I think it’s a genuine trust derived from my relationship with the bride and groom that gives them piece of mind.

However every now and again you get a bride or groom who has less of a capacity for visualization. Despite providing inspiration images, mood boards detailing each component, a full sketch and an in person sample of the materials being used, some people want to see an exact replica, sometimes installed in the venue, before they can commit. Keeping in mind the whole idea behind a custom design is that it’s never been done before.

Here is what Melissa Andre, Toronto Wedding Planner + Designer, had to say on the subject:

“It’s so difficult for clients to see what I see. I once designed this pond in the middle of a wedding with floating lily pads with tiny little desserts on them. It was such a spectacular piece but the client was so sure that it wouldn’t work for her wedding. After hours and hours of conversations ending in “just trust me” she agreed. She was thrilled on the day but it almost didn’t happen.

It’s so important to hire a planner and event designer that you trust and know that everything is going to be even more amazing than you could have ever dreamed.

A lot of clients are scared to step outside the box but that is what makes events memorable. Everyone has been to a million parties where they float strawberries in the champagne. Why not replace the fruit garnish with a cloud of cotton candy?”

Cheers to a new wedding season filled with design challenges! xx

 Ps. Seen any innovative ideas recently? Please share!