How To Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day

We've all heard the saying April showers bring May flowers, but doesn't that mean the rain is supposed to stop once May arrives!? We've been getting hit hard with some serious rain lately, which of course got us thinking about all our lovely outdoor weddings in Muskoka this season. Let's face it, one of the risks that comes when dreaming of a beautiful outdoor wedding is the chance it could rain on your parade. We've outlined some important things we like to consider, and prepare our couples for, when we begin planning for that stunning outdoor wedding. 

Photo from one of our 2016 LME Weddings taken by  wMac Photography

Photo from one of our 2016 LME Weddings taken by wMac Photography


Having a backup plan is the most important thing, after all you don't want all of your hard work to wash away with rain. Work with your venue or your wedding planner to come up with a rain plan and understand from your vendors when that call needs to be made in order to get everything set up. If you have hired a Wedding Planner + Designer you can work with them to ensure both options are jaw-dropping and swoon worthy. 



In some cases you might have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, rain or shine, or you might have a venue that doesn't have an indoor option (like a family cottage for example). In situations like these it is important to be as prepared as possible. Book a tent company so you can make sure your guests and tables are covered in the event it rains. You can also have an assortment of umbrellas available at the ceremony - this sometimes even makes for cute photos!



The worst thing you could do is stress over something you can't control, and believe us when we say the weather is something you most certainly cannot control (especially in Muskoka!). So just remember that this is your day, and all of your family and friends are coming together to celebrate the love between the two of you - and that is all that matters. Hiring a Wedding Planner + Designer can take a lot of this stress off your shoulders, and leave you confident that rain or shine your wedding will be the wedding you always dreamt of. 

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Happy Planning, xx