Planning A Bachelorette Party For Your Bestie

So your bestie is getting married and you want to step up and throw her the best bachelorette party any bride has ever seen. But where do you start? Throwing a bachelorette party is different for every bride, and as her bridesmaid it is up to you to figure out what will truly make her feel like a million bucks. Here is a checklist you can use when planning the future mrs in your life the perfect bachelorette party. 

1. Consider the Bride

First + foremost this is her special moment, so you should do something the Bride would want to do even if it means it is something you don't want to do. Everyone should get together and make a list of things the Bride To Be loves and from there you should be able to come up with some kind of plan 

2. Consider the Wedding Party

Okay sure, this might contradict the first point, but you can't have a successful bachelorette without all of the brides girls there to celebrate. And as we are all aware of, life happens, so not everyone is able to drop everything and go to vegas or Cali for a weekend. Ask everyone involved how much they can spend and how far they can travel before deciding on a final plan. 

3. Make Her Feel Special

Have everyone pitch in for a flower crown, or treat her to a mani/pedi before you go out on the town. The little things that make her feel extra special can really go a long way when planning the perfect celebration for her. 

4. Let Loose & Have Fun 

If everyone there is worrying about a work deadline, or stressing about spending money, the bride will be able to sense that. Brides already feel guilty enough about asking you to do all of these things for them, but just remember it will eventually all come back around when it's your turn ;) 


At the end of the day, the bachelorette is supposed to be a fun outing for the bride + her besties. Whether that is a classy wine tasting, a night out on the town, or a mini vacation, as long as you make the event all about the Bride you have done your job as a bridesmaid! 

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Happy Planning, xx



photos are from Pinterest