#EngagementDiaries // Wedding Invitations

Wow, I cannot believe our wedding is already less than three months away! Talk about time flying. Todays #EngagementDiaries topic is something I am super passionate about, and one of the elements in my design that I was most looking forward to. The invitations :) There is something just so enthralling about receiving actual mail in your mailbox that isn't junk or a bill (but let's be honest most bills get sent to us by email now a days so really your mail box is usually full of junk!). For me, making sure I had a stand alone wow-worthy invitation for my guests to receive was top of the list. 

But this was not an easy task for me. 

As a designer I wouldn't recommend anyone do their own invitations - you are always way more critical of your own work, Honestly, designing invitations for my clients is always exciting, and their feedback is simple; they either love it or hate it. But with my own work I was just constantly second guessing my design choices or wondering what the entire suite would look like if I made one small alteration (which honestly isn't always that easy of a fix). So the entire process left me with countless hours of editing, changing layouts, trying different designs + fonts. I am sure everyone close to me was sick of me sending them file after file for friendly feedback.  

stationery blog 1.png

What I did find helpful was sitting down to make a list (when are lists not helpful, am I right!?). This allowed me to gather my thoughts and really narrow down what the most important elements were.

1. Think about what you need/want your invitations to say

2. Think about the design of your wedding, how do these invitations fit in to that design

3. Think about setting the tone for your special day


Once you are done with your design my biggest piece of feedback is spell check spell check spell check! My motto is always triple check everything and have another set of eyes check for you as well. The photos shown in the post are of my finished invitation suite, with the calligraphy on my envelopes by my girl Barefoot + Boho.  

Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries. If you are recently engaged a huge congratulations to you and your fiancé. Interested in having Lucy Myers Events assist you with the wedding or event of your dreams? Check out the services we offer and contact the LME team to chat more! We can also provide you with a custom quote for your wedding stationery/invitations, simply send an email to shannon@lucymyersevents.com to discuss.