#EngagementDiaries // Wedding Registry Etiquette

Deciding whether or not to do a wedding registry was tough for me. Both my fiancé and I are the type of people who go out and buy something if we need it (or want it). We both also hate asking people for things, and never wanted our wedding to become a "give me give me" scenario. For us it truly is about bringing all of the people in our lives who are near and dear to our hearts and celebrating together. That being said I am the first to get married in my family, and as much as your wedding day should be what you envision it to be and a representation of your relationship, it still is about more than just the two of you. 

Figuring out how to start the registry process isn't easy if you've never done it before. This graphic from Blueprint Registry really helped Travis and I when figuring out items to include in our registry. 


If you are going to do a registry the best advice I can give is to fill it with things you actually want, and items that reflect your personal tastes. Now that you have a starting point, here are a few things to remember & consider when building your wedding registry: 


1. Go Online

If you have the means to create a website with a registry page then your options are open to more than just registering at The Bay, Crate & Barrel, or any other big box store. There is a website called myregistry.com that allows you to customize a registry from different online shops, so your registry doesn't have to be all from one store - you can select items you actually want from across the board. 

2. Have A Variety

Including a variety of items in different price points was the best advice I got when doing my registry. Not everyone can afford those big ticket items, so you want to ensure you have options so that everyone feels like they have contributed to your future together. 

3. Start A Honeymoon Fund

There are some great sites out there that allow you to set up a honeymoon fund, or a home reno registry. Your guests can choose to donate whatever they would like and that money will go towards something special to you (like a honeymoon or a special project around the house you've both been wanting to tackle). Sometimes the pressure of choosing a gift can overwhelm your guests, so this is a great option that allows them to still participate without having to stress or worry about what to get. 

Again, wedding registries aren't for everyone, and if I am being completely honest (which hey, that is the point of these Engagement Diaries isn't it!), flat out asking people to buy me a gift makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. That is why on our registry page we had this message first and foremost: 


We're not in it for the gifts

We both are entirely grateful for the love & support we constantly receive from our family and friends. Our decision to get married sprung from the unwavering love we have for one another, and the love we have for all of you. Each one of you holds a special place in our hearts and just to have you be part of this milestone moment for us is gift enough. 


Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries. If you are recently engaged a huge congratulations to you and your fiancé. Interested in having Lucy Myers Events assist you with the wedding or event of your dreams? Check out the services we offer and contact the LME team to chat more!