Things That Inspire Us In The Spring

As soon as spring arrives we get all kinds of giddy here at the LME studio. It is such a fresh + lively time of the year, where we are all bouncing around excited for wedding season to kick off and getting inspired by so many things around us. It's that fresh zest that has us dreaming up so many ideas this time of year. Here are some things that are inspiring us this spring season.


When you think of spring your mind naturally thinks of flowers. We are excited to see all of our favourite flowers coming back in season, like tulips, daffodils, and lilacs. Right now everything is coming up floral pattern in our studio. There is just something so fun and so feminine about these patterns and they just give us so much inspiration for all of our late spring weddings. 


It is all about the dusty blushes and the soft dove greys. That softer more muted colour palette is really what spring is all about to us. We are transitioning out of the warm winter tones, but haven't quite yet reached the bright bold colours of summer. If we had it our way we would keep these dustier colour palettes all year round!


Bring those tables to life! Currently we are in love with the idea of using sod as a table runner, adding natural texture and giving your design a kind of Alice In Wonderland liveliness. We are also finding ourselves inspired by fruit garlands, with exciting bold colour pops mixed in throughout. 


As we touched on before, Spring really is a transition between winter + summer. Let's face it we don't get that bright spring season, the one that Pinterest leads us to believe exists, here in Muskoka. So for us Spring is all about the transitioning. Like pairing suede booties with a dusty pink skirt, loose t-shirt and a cable knit scarf, or perhaps going out in a long coat with light pants and a knit sweater. This look not only applies to fashion, but also to your home decor and can be considered when styling for a dinner party or a wedding. 

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Cheers, xx