#EngagementDiaries // Throwing A Jack + Jill

Jack + Jill, Buck + Doe, it is always one of those things that couples find themselves wondering "to have one, or to not have one". Everyones opinion on the topic is different, I myself chose to have one and honestly it is largely because we cannot invite everyone we know to our wedding and a lot of our friends wanted to still celebrate with us in some way. Some couples have a Jack + Jill to help cover some of the expenses of the wedding. In all honesty when it comes to having a Jack + Jill, to each their own. 

If I am being openly honest, the fact that I am having one is kind of stressing me out a bit. It's extra planning on my part, and I feel like the last few months I have done nothing but get ready for our Jack + Jill when I should be getting ready for our wedding. I know the wedding party is supposed to be a big help, and my wedding party is great, but it's in my nature to worry about the logistics, whether or not my guests will have a good time, and if I'm asking too much of my friends + family. 

Here are a few things that I found really helped us when we were getting everything organized. 


Having a theme made it seem more fun. Plain and simple. It also made coming up with games, prizes and decor one hundred times easier.

For those of you wondering, the theme for our Jack + Jill is centered around hockey. Both of our families are huge hockey fans, so it seemed like a no brainer. (Is hockey really my thing? That's tough to say, but also I feel like my design for our wedding day is a little bit more my taste than his haha).


As a planner I am a lover of to-do lists. So when it came time to figuring out who was in charge of what, what we needed everyone to bring, etc., I decided the best thing was to create a document that everyone could refer to if need be. It is important to take some of that work and stress off your plate, and that is what your wedding party is there for, so don't be afraid to delegate. 


This is not meant to be the party of the year. You don't need to bring in fancy decor, you don't need to have it catered, you don't need to be spending tons of money on prizes. A great way to keep costs low, rent speakers instead of hiring a DJ, you can hook up your computer or phone and play your own music. Also, ask around to see what kind of prizes you can get donated to you, it never hurts to ask!

Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries, until next time