Custom Wedding Installations That Make Our Jaws Drop

We can't deny it, a stunning head-table design and/or custom installation can truly take your wedding to the next level, and we have had the pleasure of creating some pretty incredible pieces that still make our hearts swoon. We are showing off some of those custom installations + backdrops today, as well as some inspirations that are on our LME bucket list!


This head-table setup has that wow factor, it has drama & elegance, and is by far one of our favourite designs brought to life. The floral canopy above the table cocooned in soft ivory draping really gave Bryana + Warren that romantic setting they were hoping for. Florals by Jane Marshall Flowers, photo by Kelly Holinshead


Soft + Feminine, that was the concept for Jenna + Michael's garden themed wedding. Here we used one of our LME custom 3D backdrops to soften the room. We then we created custom tulle rosettes, adding them to the skirt of the table to give it that pretty feminine feel. Florals by Jane Marshall Flowers, photo by Kelly Holinshead. 


This isn't a head-table backdrop, but we love it all the same. This project was an entire transformation, taking a small basement and turning into a magical forest. We were elated with how this design came to life, really setting that moody + romantic vibe for the dance portion of the evening. Florals by Jane Marshall Flowers, photo by Kelly Holinshead


Now for the designs that aren't ours, but that inspire us for the future. Here is what we have on our bucket list: 


We've used florals in our designs before, but one of the great things about florals are the endless number of ways you can use them to really wow your guests. We would love to create an organic looking backdrop with spilling florals, or even floral chandeliers above the tables, or how about a floral canopy spanning the entire roof of your tent. Seriously, the options are endless and we just have so many ideas we can't help but be excited!

Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest


Talk about the ultimate boho wedding, dreamcatchers are such an easy way to create some added drama to your backdrop design. We are dying to get our hands on a wedding like this!

Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest

We love a good custom installation. If you are interested in having Lucy Myers Events assist you with the wedding of your dreams, check out the services we offer. We also provide an assortment of luxury decor rentals for your wedding or event. Contact the LME team for our packages + decor rentals

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