Introducing Shannon, Our Fabulous Wedding Coordinator

Our Wedding Coordinator, Shannon, recently got some new bling (woohoo, we are so excited!). Her stories about being engaged and all the bliss, and stress, that comes along with it, make for constant girl talk around the LME studio. So we asked her to keep a diary of all the things that happen + the thoughts she has during her engagement. But before we jump right into her #EngagementDiaries we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know her better (cause we think she is pretty great), so we asked Shannon to tell us five things about herself. 

Before I begin I'd just like to thank Lucy and her team for bringing me on board and allowing me to create magic every day. This is seriously my dream job and I couldn't be happier. Our LME couples this year have been so welcoming and kind which makes my job so much more rewarding. Here are a few things that I'd like you all to know about me so we can get better acquainted. 

Glitter is my favourite colour. Seriously, glitter + gold are part of my everyday life. People in my family often joke because when someone asks me what colour I want something to be I usually say gold. 


My pup is my life. If you follow me on Instagram you will quickly see that I share a lot of photos with my girl. She just has such a personality about her, and the fact that she loves to snuggle is a total bonus. But seriously, just one look at her face and you'll know what I mean! 


Fun fact, I used to want to be an actress. I performed in many musicals growing up and have taken film, singing + acting lessons. Where has that gotten me now? Really no where in the entertainment industry, but I do have a serious obsession with Netflix and most television series. If there is a show out there I have probably binged watched it at some point in my life. Also I love Amy Poehler.


I'm addicted to sushi. There I said it, but please don't make me give it up. Sometimes I'll go for sushi dates by myself, or use it as the perfect excuse for some girl chat since my fiancé isn't all that fond of it. But hey, more sushi for me :) I'm also addicted to chips, probably more than I should admit, but we'll save that for another blog post ;)


My day doesn't start until I have had a cup of coffee. There was a time in my life I tried to "cut coffee out" and let's just say we now refer to that time as my "dark days". 


Hopefully that gives you a little more insight into who I am, I am really looking forward to sharing my engagement stories with you all.