Spring Weddings Are A Myth

Although spring weddings can be popular in theory, with all the bold colours and pretty floral patterns, if you are looking for an outdoor wedding it is best to wait until closer to summer. 

People often categorize spring as this bright and sunny season, surrounded by flowers. However, unless you are waiting until the end of May (maybe even the beginning of June), you are going to find spring to be very wet and mucky, with a lot of bare trees and dull looking grass. Especially because we live in Canada, and Muskoka, and our weather is about as unpredictable as anything.

If you are looking for that early spring wedding, here are ways to make the most of it

1. Go Indoors. Find a unique indoor venue and create your own spring forest theme. I love the idea of creating a giant floral wall for the occasion. 

2. Just Embrace It. Why not utilize the bare trees and the “wetness” and create an authentic spring look. Have your bridal party wear rubber boots, and you can even opt for shorter dresses to avoid getting too wet.

3. Chase The Sunset. Since it is still early into the season you can get away with a cocktail style wedding under the stars. So why not string up some globe lights and plan a sunset wedding around 8pm followed by cocktails, hors d'oeuvres + dancing! 


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Cheers, xx