LME Tips For Planning Your Seating Chart

A lot of elements about planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, which is why it is well worth your penny to hire yourself a planner to handle all those intricate details. After all, one of the biggest perks to hiring a wedding/event planner is that you are hiring them for their knowledge and expertise. One thing that I notice brides stress out about is the seating chart, and honestly this is one of the easier parts about your wedding planning details. To make it simple, I have outlined five important things to remember when you get to this part of your wedding planning phase.

1. Think Of The Venue Layout

As the backbone to your entire wedding design + layout, the venue should be the first thing you look at. Close your eyes and imagine the flow of the evening, picture where you will be sitting and start by thinking about who you want closest to you. 

2. Assigning Seats vs. Assigning Tables

There isn’t a right or wrong choice here, but figuring out which one you would rather have takes a lot of the pressure off and gives you something to work with!

3. Table Options

Circles, rectangles, squares, oh my! Again, you have to consider which table fits best within your venue space, but choosing long rectangular tables vs. circular tables cuts down on the seating chart a bit as you can fit more people at one table. The LME studio has beautiful long redfern harvest tables available for rent for your special day!

4. Don’t Overthink It

At the end of the day, most of your guests are just excited to be a part of your special day - and hopefully they all end up together on the dance floor anyways!

5. This Is The 20th Century

Scratch the seating chart all together and let your guests choose where they want to sit! Or throw a cocktail style wedding with hors d’oeuvres instead of a traditional sit down dinner. 

Still need help? Contact Lucy Myers Events for any of our wedding services, we even throw in an easy to follow seating chart template to cut back on stress so you can just pop some champagne & enjoy your entire wedding experience. Also available are a handful of one-of-a-kind signature events to complete your wedding planning experience, including a variety of bridal shower gatherings, some completely Muskoka bachelorette parties, and a fun rehearsal dinner to help everyone relax before the big day! Contact the LME studio for more details and to get started planning your event. 

Happy Planning!

Cheers, xx