#EngagementDiaries 6 // Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for the dress, the one thing about wedding planning that every girl dreams of right? Well for me this was the most nerve-racking "to-do" yet, in fact I kept putting it off because I was dreading having to do it. I guess when you think about what we as wedding planners do it really has nothing to do with the dress. Coordinating with my vendors, making sure all of the logistics are in order, designing + planning the decor for the day, those are all things I have no problem with and can do with ease + comfort. But when it came to trying on dresses I was freaking out. 

Thankfully I have a dear friend in the industry who owns a bridal shop in Toronto called FerrΓ© Sposa, and I knew she would make the experience for me one to remember. Now that I have gone through it myself, here are a few tips that I can give any of you who are about to search for that perfect wedding dress. 

1. who to bring

I brought my maid of honour and my mum. I invited my soon to be mother in law but she was busy (although she did come with me when I went back to try on the dress I knew I wanted a second time). Someone once told me that it is important not to have too many opinions with you, and that is the truest thing anyone has ever said! Even with just my mum and my maid of honour, their different tastes and styles mixed with mine were a bit overwhelming. I was trying really hard to be open to all ideas, but at some points it did feel a bit exhausting. 

One thing that made the experience truly special was my maid of honour had made cute little "yay" or "nay" signs and brought champagne for us to sip on while we gushed over all the gorgeous dresses! (total confession, my MOH got a little too excited at one point and knocked over the champagne bottle. Although I do not recommend this happen during your experience, it did make for a funny story that I am sure we will laugh at for years to come!) 

2. how to know when to stop looking

Jennifer gave me the best advice a girl can get while trying on wedding dresses, and that was to be true to the type of shopper you are. If you love to shop and can go into store after store trying on clothes and not feel tired or overwhelmed then treat your wedding dress shopping experience the same. Or perhaps you don't like shopping at all and you're the type of person who needs to really think about things before making a purchase. I'm a bit more of an impulsive shopper, so I pretty much knew right away what I wanted, although because it was such an important and big decision I did sleep on it for a few days before going back in and saying yes to the dress! 

3. think about your budget

Usually one of the first questions your stylist will ask is what budget do you want to stay within. Usually a bride to be will say I don't want to go over x amount of dollars. But you need to remember that there are additional costs outside of the dress, like taxes, but also your alteration fees, if you want any custom elements added to the dress. If you cannot go over x amount of dollars then tell your stylist a lower number, that way you can ensure after everything is totalled your final cost will be one that you are comfortable with. 

4. stay true to you & to your wedding design

This is the biggest piece of advice I can give, and one I had to remind myself of during the entire process. I fell in love with two dresses. One was everything I ever thought I would wear on my wedding day, it was one hundred percent me, it looked fabulous on, and it suited the look & design of my wedding day. The other took me by surprise, I felt sexy and glamourous, but it didn't suit my personality, my style, or my wedding design. I was torn, but when I sat down and really thought things through I went with my gut and picked the dress that is way more me. And I couldn't be happier :) 

Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries, until next time