#EngagementDiaries 4 // We Popped The Question (Asking Our Wedding Party)

So far, in the entire time I have been engaged, this was my absolute favourite part about the planning process. I will admit we had a few emotional nights trying to figure out just who to ask, worrying if we would upset someone if we didn't ask them, but we picked a pretty damn good wedding party if I don't say so myself! 

When trying to decide just HOW we would ask our groomsmen + bridesmaids I wanted it to be something that also reflected our personalities and the actual look of our wedding day. SPOILER ALERT, our wedding is going to have tons of white and gold (I think that is a given with me!), and I even have some plans for some balloons ;) 


One of Trav's favourite shows on television is How I Met Your Mother (a show which I also love and find hilarious). We ordered these adorable gold bow ties from Etsy, and I saw the perfect thing on Pinterest, playing on a popular line from the HIMYM show. I went ahead and recreated the card myself and had them printed. So cute! 


If you ask anyone in my life what I love I guarantee they will all say wine + glitter. So of course when it came time for me to ask my girls to stand beside me I knew I had to incorporate the other loves of my life into the question. Because I am subtly bringing balloons into the design of the wedding day I wanted to tie that into my question. I have always wanted to pop a balloon full of glitter over someones head, and unfortunately my wedding venue restricts me from throwing any kind of glitter or confetti (how can they deny me this pleasure, am I right!?). So really this was a given from the gecko. We had so much fun with this, we even captured a few videos which I believe you can check out on Instagram by visiting the hashtag #HappilyEverBellisle

So much fun! I love crafting + creating unique ideas like this. If you need help customizing something to ask your wedding party to be part of your wedding day then contact me at info@lucymyersevents.com and we can get started right away!

Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries, until next time