#EngagementDiaries 3 // The Dreaded Guest List

First things first, I can't believe it has been so long since I actually had the time to sit down and think about my wedding. I thought I was on the ball but now I am starting to get the "omg I'm falling so behind" panic attacks. I think they are natural for any bride to be planning her special day, but I am one of the most organized people out there (seriously, it's a trait I put on my resume, I'm even a little OCD about it) so I am confident everything will work itself out!

What am I going to rant about today? Guest list. This has quickly become the bane of my existence. Who makes the cut? If you invite this cousin do you have to invite them all? If so and so gets to bring their boyfriend does everyone get to bring a date? Should you allow kids? How many "friends" are your parents allowed to invite? The questions never end, there are so many outcomes and what ifs, and it honestly becomes emotionally exhausting worry about upsetting people if they don't make the cut. And sure you can create a B list in case some of your first choice picks can't come, but let's face it no body actually feels good about being on the B list. I think we said so many times "this is our final decision and we are sticking to it", and then days later everything had flip flopped. 

I'm not even sure I have any solid advice, this particular post feels more like an actual diary entry. Does anyone else feel this way about their guest list? I can tell you that for us we decided that if it was someone we hadn't seen in more than two years (who wasn't family) then they didn't make the cut. We also agreed that cousins who had been in serious relationships for more than 2 years could bring their significant other, but all other cousins had to come solo (we have a LOT of cousins!). My biggest fear is that I will be spending my wedding night introducing my new husband to people who are at our wedding. I do not want that. I want our wedding to be filled with people who love us both dearly, who know us both and can celebrate the moment with us together. 

All worries aside we ended up finishing our guest list and are feeling pretty good about things now. But I will admit it was a stressful few months going back and forth, arguing with our parents, and having a few tearful nights. With that checked off my list I can move on to other things, more exciting things :) 

Thanks for listening to my #EngagementDiaries, until next time