corporate events with a creative twist

Allow the experts at Lucy Myers Events to utilize our breadth and depth of experience to elevate your event and set your company apart. We allow your team to focus on your business while we create a custom event to wow your guests, meet your objectives and secure a positive return on your investment.

Lucy Myers Events will provide corporate event planning and design services in conjunction with your corporate management and marketing teams. Be it a launch party for a new collection, an employee team building and appreciation retreat, a VIP incentive event, or a conference with a creative twist, Lucy will produce an innovative event that emulates your brand and gets your peers buzzing.

We offer a comprehensive package handling everything from conceptualization to execution. Our team ensures your branding is carried through all event aspects from invitations, to food styling, to swag bags, all of which will be planned, sourced and managed by Lucy Myers Events. Want a custom installation featuring your products or an immersive media experience of your services? The Lucy Myers Events team is redefining “corporate events” with a creative and luxurious makeover that will give your guests something to tweet about.


occasions to be cherished

Gatherings with close friends and family are an occasion to be cherished and enjoyed. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, shower, brunch or dinner party, let the professionals at Lucy Myers Events help you create something special while you relax, indulge and celebrate like a guest. 

As a professional, award-winning event planner and designer, Lucy transforms your rented venue, Muskoka room, or lake front into a space filled with atmosphere. Through the careful selection of colour palette, layering of textures, application of mood lighting, music and scent, her team creates a full sensory experience for your guests no matter where the party takes place.

If you’re hosting an event in your home or cottage Lucy will work with you in advance to familiarize her team with the layout and location of key items, minimizing questions during the event. Lucy understands the delicate balance of coordinating your event without compromising the intimacy of your home or cottage by filling it with unfamiliar staff. 


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